Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tint Charts

Inkjet printers and notoriusly bad at consistant color over a large volume of pages. The promise of desktop publishing never really came to fruition. Most graphic desingers keep their Panatone chips close at hand. Most print outs then get the "right" chips pasted to page indcating what the colors "should" be.

Well we have sucessuflly printed the packaging for 100 jewlery boxes. The "factory" overseas wasted way too long and we need packaging. So our prototyping method was applied a litte bigger. In the end, their inkjet and i'm not to happy about the smudging....

but i have this printer i call "Franky the Pigment head" and it's a converted epson 760 using pigment inks. That combined with a Tint Chart and we achived her PMS color consistantly, more on that soultion in the next post.....

It's my job

It's my job to figure out how to do what others can't. Most solutions involve Mac computers and serious creativity.

This blog will be a journal of the kinds of issues i'm asked to deal with and maybe others dealing with the same problems will share their solutions.

In addation to macs dataing back to a 512k, i use SGI and SUN hardware. I need to buy a PC for web design and finical tracking but i can't bring myself to do it yet.